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by josh magic


alas! the moment you’ve all been waiting for! a K^REN album to shock and taunt and feel good with and listen to and “do it” to. please click this picture for a freeee download of the new recording called, “is it recording?” by k^ren.
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karen goes outside!

After literally months of playing exclusively in the 'indoor' configuration, has-been pop-child sensation Karen finally adapts to 'proper grown-up outdoors music' with this nonetheless agoraphobic 2012 release. But will fans of the 'indoor guitar', the 'confined-space-bass', and the 'bedrumkit', be able to make the transition with Karen through the endless reverberations of the outsideworld? And what about the brainal pressures involved!? As a deviant


White Pigeon/Dove

Coming howling at you like the Holy Dove of Peace, the latest Karen 'album' is a 52-minute tone-poem on the theme of Kofi Annan. In one take. What's the difference between a White Pigeon and a Dove? Karen doesn't know, Karen doesn't care...Karen wishes you would stop shouting.

All hail goat-RA!

Karen 01/2012

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